Schwertner Select

Schwertner SelectThe Schwertner Select program is a health based program aimed at weaning a calf in it’s healthiest, natural environment. The specifications are as follows:

  • Cattle are sold FOB Schwertner, Texas;
  • Initial bill includes cost of cattle, processing, and initial medicine; Initial medicine costs approximately $34-$45 per hd
  • Cattle are processed using our veterinarian prescribed vaccination program;
  • Schwertner Select calves are BVD/PI tested;
  • Cattle are dehorned, bulls cut, tails trimmed;
  • Cattle can be branded or implanted according to your specifications;
  • Cattle are then turned out on improved pastures and supplemental feed for a minimum of 45 days, with extensions possible depending on forage availability;
  • Cost of the program is $2.00 per head per day an all inclusive fee that includes pasture; cowboy doctoring and care, supplemental feed, and mineral;
  • Supplemental feed consists of grain and milled supplement at the direction of a competent nutritionist;
  • Capitol Land and Livestock will guarantee the death loss not to exceed 3.0 %;
  • Chronics and cripples will be either repurchased at %40 percent of original value or delivered at the customers discretion.
  • PI positive cattle will be repurchased at %25 of their original value.
  • Your final billing charge will show pasture charges, freight charges from Capitol Land and Livestock to your destination, and any death loss/cripple/chronic adjustments. Financing is available while cattle are on Schwertner Select.

Schwertner Select is a health based weaning program and does not provide a guarantee on daily gain.

Please contact a sales representatives by calling (254) 527-3342 for more information about the SCHWERTNER SELECT program.